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bless vogue japan 2014
bless vogue japan 2014

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VOTE JYJ :: What was the best part of the 2014 IAG Opening Ceremony?




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  • Ends on 9/21

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GUYS, it’s VERY important that JYJ win this poll! They’re currently 2nd! We can’t have this. It’s their first TV appearance in years! Let’s show them how much seeing JYJ on TV was anticipated and appreciated! PLEASE, vote for JYJ as if your life depended on it. Thanks!! :D

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ChangKyu write a song together for Kyuhyun’s SS6 solo ♡ლ(ㅠ‿ㅠ)ლ♡

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Is that Hyojae again? He lives a blessed live! So cute with TVXQ!

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